What is Yoga, how does it work?

Yoga is a unique life philosophy originating from India with the aim of self-realisation. This holistic way of living healthily helps balancing the body, the mind and the soul.

Specific meditation, breathing, physical as well as relaxation practice help increasing our awareness for our own self. This enables us to sense our own physical body in a better way as well as perceive thoughts and emotions more clear with advanced practise. Our ability to live and experience plus enjoy the moment increases. Breathing exercise, Pranayama, improves the oxygen supply, calms the mind, relaxes the nervous system and provides energy to the body. Physical exercises, Asanas, strengthen the physical body, release tension in the muscles, invigorate the heart and blood circulation as well as the skeletal structure. Furthermore they increase the flexibility of the joints, muscles and ligaments. When in relaxation, all positive effects of Yoga can unfold helping to quieten our mind and feeling true inner peace. Yoga is suitable for all people who would like to gain and remain strength and who would like to experience physical, mental and emotional calmness in daily life.