Traditional Yoga in Mainz Weisenau

You can look forward to Yoga in small groups in a comfortable private room. During the beginning relaxation you can settle in for your 'date with your self'. The breathing practise (Pranayama) allows your mind and heart to come to calm down. Physical practise (Asanas) help to reduce stress and physical tension as well as increase strength. In the final relaxation all beneficial effects of Yoga can systematically unfold in your mental, emotional and physical being.


Mondays:     18h00 - 19h30 YOGA SOFT*

20h00 - 21h30 YOGA CLASSICAL*


Location: Michaela Höhe bewegen berühren inspirieren, An der Turnhalle 3, 55130 Mainz,

  • Entrance in back yard (accessible via small path nearby crossing "An der Turnhalle" / "Bleichstraße" next to entry underground parking)
  • Yoga space opens 15 Mins. before beginning and closes 15 Mins after Yoga ends
  • please be on time for punctual start; with beginning of Yoga & during first 15 Mins no access for late comers
  • min. 5 participants

Your Investment:

dates & rates see German section


Yoga classes can be conducted bilingually in German/English. Due to limited space, pre-booking and confirmation is required (once off trial class and/or regular practise). Should space allow it, you can also step in while the course is running already.


Yoga mats, cushions and blankets are provided. Please bring comfortable clothing, socks and an open attitude for seemingly new things. Please do not eat a big meal within two hours before starting Yoga.


SOFT: in golden age, physically limited or after a longer break you would like to practise softly, age-appropriately or prefer a soft (re)introduction 

CLASSICAL: in healthy and good conditions you would like to practise with / without previous experience


Getting there:

public transport & approx. 5 mins walking: Schillerschule (bus 62), Alter Friedhof (bus 63), Wormser Straße (bus 60+61)