Yoga in Mainz & Mainz area

The Yoga classes are conducted in small groups. Each class starts off with a relaxation to settle in, followed by breathing exercise (Pranayama) and physical exercise (Asanas) as well as the final relaxation.


Yoga mats, cushions and blankets are provided. Please bring comfortable clothing, socks and an open attitude. Please do not eat within two hours before starting Yoga. Due to limited space pre-booking and confirmation is compulsory.


c/o Michaela Höhle


c/o Julia Rumpf SPORT


c/o Pfarrei St. Jakobus


c/o Haus am Römerberg


 10h00 - 11h00


  18h00 - 19h45

SOFT  (German/English)

18h00 - 20h00

CLASSICAL (German/English)

 19h00 - 20h00

CHAIR-YOGA  (German)


 20h00 - 21h45

CLASSICAL (German/English)




all German/English classes are mainly conducted in German, if required bilingually conducted classes are offered happily

SOFT: in golden age, physically limited or after a longer break you would like to practise softly, age-appropriately or prefer a soft (re)introduction 

CLASSICAL: in healthy and good conditions you would like to practise with / without previous experience

CLASSICAL & BIKE: classical yoga course, which - among other details - works on the highly demanded physical parts of bicycling helping to make and keep muscles as well as tissues elastic (with / without previous yoga experience)

ADVANCED: you have practised Yoga before and would like to continue

CHAIR-YOGA: gentle breathing, physical and relaxing practices on and with a chair

Michaela Höhle

bewegen berühren inspirieren

An der Turnhalle 3,

55130 Mainz Weisenau

(entrance on backside, reachable through small side path) 

Julia Rumpf SPORT

Altes Rathaus, Kirchplatz,

55424 Münster Sarmsheim (across Lindenplatz/Rathaus-Café, Rheinstr. 36)

Pfarrei St. Jakobus

Berliner Straße 39

55131 Mainz Hechtsheim


Haus am Römerberg

Laubenheimer Str. 36,

55130 Mainz Weisenau