Welcome to BE YOGI - classical Hatha Yoga

All of us would like to feel happiness and inner joy.

To be able to experience this, it is important that we are at peace with ourselves and with who we are and what we do.

Yoga shows us a way to find a place within ourselves allowing us to truly feel peace and recharging our batteries.

Enjoy traditional Yoga in Mainz and Muenster-Sarmsheim

Hatha Yoga Mainz, Sanftes Yoga im Alter, Klassisches Yoga, Yoga auf dem Stuhl, Stuhl-Yoga

Experience the feeling of inner peace and relaxation as well as serenity in daily life. Allow your thoughts to calm down thanks to meditation and breathing exercise. Strengthen and stretch your body with conscious movements. Give yourself time to let go and allow your nervous system to relax. Yoga can help to release tension, to build up vitality as well as calm down mentally and emotionally.


Feel free to contact me should you be interested in a once off trial class.


Best wishes, Beate Laudien