Yoga for Nepal

Since returning from my life in the Himalayas in the end of 2013 I have been teaching yoga classes on donation basis for Nepal. Those classes are specifically announced so that you know your given love gets passed on to support Nepalese people. Often, the person renting the yoga room to me for those specific occasions also donate their room rental costs. This way everybody involved is sharing what we have in our pockets as well as in our hearts and as such connect to other humans who might have less in their pocket and most surely receive thankfully with a fully wide open heart. Usually, all help in Nepal gets organised by my very trusted friend Manohar and his family, so on my side I am able to fully trust that all I am sending thanks to everybodys' donation and involvement is brought to its purpose responsibly and reliably. I am very grateful for every one connecting and sharing love and compassion on such positive occasions with the students joining, the room renter joining, my friends on the ground organising and everybody receiving happily time and time again! Thank you very much!

With the yoga classes on donation basis in the years 2018 & 2019 we came up to a total sum of 1,202 EUR (163,700 NPR) which have been happily received in Nepal in July 2020 supporting Nepalese adults, children and families with most basic needs of daily survival for the very present and close future time such as shelter and food. Due to COVID-19, Nepal - as well as many countries all over the globe - has seen strong restrictions. With the COVID-19 restrictions, many lockdowns and no permission or place to work, hardly any tourists to accommodate, guide, cook and care for, daily survival has become a very real struggle for millions of people who live hand-to-mouth and little or right now no income. Therefore, I am deeply moved that our donation support from the last years was received at a time when survival seems the most important priority for so many, with my trusted Nepalese brothers Manohar and Yogesh having taken action on the ground to bring this support to life by either buying food necessities with the support receivers or handing over money and exchanging with bills for food supply or in the case of Girls Empowered by Travel - Nepal having bought food and hygienic items and provided straight to the ones in need.

BE YOGI Yoga Beate Laudien Mainz Bingen Muenster Sarmsheim for Nepal on Donation - Girls Empowered by Travel Nepal

Girls Empowered by Travel - Nepal (NGO; network by women for women)

This NGO has been providing basic support like rice, lentils, oil, salt, soap, potatoes, onions and other household necessities to the most needy families in the three municipalities Bagmati, Ishworpur and Chandranagar in the Sarlahi district of Nepal. Especially with the current COVID-19 pandemic and further flooding, the situation in the Sarlahi can be devastating with poverty and the fear of water-borne diseases that haunt these families. With our donation, additional 30 Mushahar families of the Chandranagar Municipality who are currently in big need have received 25 kg of rice as well as 6 pieces of soap each to be  supported with basic food and survival hygenic supplies. We have helped with 40,000 NPR (approx. 400 USD). Should you wish to donate yourself, please contact directly Girls Empowered by Travel - Nepal.

BE YOGI Yoga Beate Laudien Mainz Bingen Muenster Sarmsheim for Nepal on Donation - Kriti

Kriti Basnet (2020: St. John's English School; grade 8)

Kriti is 12 years young and just joined St. John's English school last year. She lives with one of her cousins, Miss Goma, looking after her since both parents have been missing. After having lost her job, Miss Goma has difficulties looking after Kriti, so we have supported with 20,000 NPR (approx. 200 USD) for her future school and food.

BE YOGI Yoga Beate Laudien Mainz Bingen Muenster Sarmsheim for Nepal on Donation - Deepen

Deepen & Bimala Gurung Family (2020: Shree Shanta Secondary School; grade 5 & 8)

Having a family with three children and hardly any work it is difficult to cover the childrens' studies and nutrition. Currently, Diksha is 17 years, Diwani is 15 years and Dipika is 12 years young. We have supported the family with 40,000 NPR (approx. 400 USD) for school related fees as well as food supporting fees. Personally, I am looking forward to coming back to Nepal and see all their heartful smiling faces & eyes with hopefully many guests back in the country supporting the economies to work smoothly again.

BE YOGI Yoga Beate Laudien Mainz Bingen Muenster Sarmsheim for Nepal on Donation - Tika Ram

Tika Ram & Sapana Tamang Family (2020: Tabahari School; grade 5)

This family with 11-year-old Salina and 1-year-old Salim we have supported with 10,000 NPR (approx. 100 USD) which should help the familys' food supply for three months. Since sending the food was difficult we have sent the money and will receive food bills in return.

BE YOGI Yoga Beate Laudien Mainz Bingen Muenster Sarmsheim for Nepal on Donation - Maya

Maya Basnet Family

The family has three children whereas two children, aged 13 & 15, live with their grandmother in Sindhuli, South East of Kathmandu, approx. 450 km away from their parents. The 5-year-old daughter lives with her mother in Pokhara. Maya lost her work and struggles to survive still trying to support her two children and grandmother plus youngest daugher and herself. Her husband is an alcoholic and no support coming from his side. We have supported Maya for food worth  20,000 NPR (approx. 200 USD).

BE YOGI Yoga Beate Laudien Mainz Bingen Muenster Sarmsheim for Nepal on Donation - Fulmaya

Fulmaya Gurung & Chandra Bhandari

live with their family in Methalang village close to Pokhara. We have taken them to the shops and bought rice, oil, salt and dal to support them with food for about two months worth 10,000 NPR (approx. 100 USD).

With the yoga classes on donation basis in the year 2017 we came up to a total sum of 470 USD which I have handed over on 13th May 2018 in Pokhara/Nepal supporting school costs or school related fees for three Nepalese children for one full year. Thank you dearly to Manohar, Yogesh and Govinda for making contact and taking action to support on the ground!

BE YOGI Yoga Beate Laudien Mainz Bingen Muenster Sarmsheim for Nepal on Donation - Sumit

Sumit Kumal (2018: Fewa Secondary Boarding School; grade 1)

Sumit is 8 years young and lives with his dad and two sisters in challenging conditions on the outskirts of Pokhara. His mother has left the family a while ago. With our support of 250 U$ his annual school fees, bus fees and lunch fees are covered for April 2018 - March 2019. He lives with his family and uses the bus to get to school and back home. He is eager to learn, has been performing positive achievements and attending school with high ambition. Getting to know this young man shortly early morning 6 o'clock was a very impressive experience which has been effecting me very positively ever since. This young man sweeps you off your feet easily with his ever sparkling smiling eyes!

BE YOGI Yoga Beate Laudien Mainz Bingen Muenster Sarmsheim for Nepal on Donation - Dipika, Deepen, Diwani

Diwani & Dipika Gurung (2018: Shree Shanta Secondary School; grade 3)

Diwani is 11 years and Dipika is 9 years young. Both girls live with their parents and another sister outside Pokhara. Diwani did not join school in the beginning and therefore attends third class together with her younger sister in the governmental Shree Shanta Secondary School. Governmental schools do not charge school fees. With our support of 220 U$ both their school related fees are covered for one year for April 2018 - March 2019 for books, bags, copies, pencils and uniform. I consider their dad Bhupal (Deepen) one of my Nepalese brothers since living in Nepal in 2013 and have witnessed him as a very hard working and heartful reliable character working as a porter ever since always making sure guests enjoy Nepal plus being the first to dance heartfully when it is time for Kirtan & Bhakti Yoga.