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Yoga for Nepal

Yoga in Mainz Weisenau für Nepal Spende - Sumit - BE YOGI Yoga mit Beate Laudien

Since returning from living in the Himalayas in 2013 I have been teaching yoga classes on donation basis for Nepal. A perfect way to connecting globally and reaching our hands and hearts out to our human brothers and sisters on the other side of the world. On the ground we are able to help educating children and supporting families with basic supplies hopefully making an impact and help people to help themselves as well as providing a more positive future...

Nepal Earthquake Support


After an earthquake hit Nepal hard in 2015 I have started a private donation campaign to help communities in a country full of people very rich at heart and too often very challenged when it comes to finances. I felt absolutely overwhelmed by the immense support that came to me from so many different angles - and angels - living close and afar helping to bring relief to many humans, families and communities with the support of my Nepalese family...