Yoga for Education in Nepal

In 2017 I have taught several Yoga classes in different locations in/around Mainz on donation basis to support Nepal. I am very grateful for all students joining and by doing so connecting with Nepal as well as the locations giving nearly all of their part of rental costs into the donation as well. We came up to a total sum of 470 U$ which I have handed over on 13th May 2018 in Pokhara/Nepal for the support of school costs or school related fees for three Nepalese children. Furthermore I am deeply thankful to Govinda Gautam & Manohar Shrestha for making contact and taking action on our behalf to support Sumit as well as to Yogesh Karki & Manohar Shrestha for making contact and taking action to support Dipika & Diwani.

BE YOGI Yoga in Mainz - Yoga for Nepal - Sumit, Beate Laudien
Yoga for Nepal: Sumit

Sumit Kumal

Fewa Secondary Boarding School; grade 1

Sumit is 8 years young and lives with his dad and two sisters in challenging conditions on the outskirts of Pokhara. His mother has left the family a while ago. With our support of 250 U$ his annual school fees, bus fees and lunch fees are covered for April 2018 - March 2019. He lives with his family and uses the bus to get to school and back home. He is eager to learn, has been performing positive achievements and attending school with high ambition.

BE YOGI Yoga in Mainz - Yoga for Nepal - Dipika, Deepen, Diwani, Beate Laudien
Yoga for Nepal: Dipika & Diwani

Diwani & Dipika Gurung

Shree Shanta Secondary School; grade 3

Diwani is 11 years young and Dipika is 9 years young. Both girls live with their parents and another sister outside Pokhara. Diwani did not join school in the beginning and therefore attends third class together with her younger sister in the governmental Shree Shanta Secondary School. Governmental schools do not charge school fees. With our support of 220 U$ both their school related fees are covered for one year for April 2018 - March 2019 for books, bags, copies, pencils and uniform. I consider their dad Bhupal (Deepen) one of my Nepalese brothers since living in Nepal in 2013 and have witnessed him as a very hard working and reliable character working as a porter ever since and always making sure guests enjoy Nepal!

Nepal Earthquake Donation                 THANKS A MILLION for over 1m Ruppies

After the earthquake in Nepal in April 2015 I have started a private donation campaign and support a Nepalese friend. I have lived there in 2013 and was able to enjoy taking as well as giving Yoga classes in his Yoga studio and furthermore experiencing the wonderful country during Yoga Trekking Tours with him. Due to our close bonding I could easily trust all money sent would be used 1:1 for their earthquake relief programme. I am over the moon by the empathy and the enormous donations that have come our way and that have helped to implement such incredible earthquake relief actions!                     A WHOLE HEARTEDLY THANK YOU TO ALL DONATORS!

"Thank you very much for your compassion and your support. It is a blessing to have so many incredibly supporting friends in the whole world. Thanks to all your donations and your continuous support, we have achieved far more than I ever dreamed would be possible". I can only join Manohars' words who is the recipient of all our donated money and organiser of all earthquake relief help.  


In total we have donated 9,235 Euros (1,023,029 Nepali Ruppies; status 31 DEC 2015).  A detailed report has been sent to all donators and is available for download upon double clicking the Nepalese flag picture Never End Peace And Love. All information on income, expenses, achievements, projects and pictures from 28 APR - 31 DEC 2015 are stated.


The following earthquake relief main achievements are:

- supply of tarpaulin to 657 families in 8 villages

- supply of food to 120 families in 3 villages

- supply of solar lanterns to 185 families in 5 villages

- relocation of 12 porter families from landslide risk areas to more secure grounds in Chisapani

- building of 12 sturdy and comfortable temporary tin homes for 12 porter families in Chisapani

- building and (re)opening of a temporary learning centre in replacement of a school for 120 children in Mahadev Kharka as well as the Shree Indrayeni Secondary School for 350 children in Muriya

- supply of basic school equipment (bags, paper books, pens, etc.) to all children

- supply of sports equipment, teaching charts, boards and learning games to the learning centre and the secondary school

- supply of tin for the building of a small medical treatment 'health clinic' of a local nurse in Mahadev Kharka

- supply of tin to further 28 porter families for shelter and roofing

- supply of tin to 138 families in 4 villages (Makwanpur & Dhading) for shelter and roofing

- organising of transport, treatment and rehabilitation costs for 2 injured

- training and building material for earthquake-proof sandsack houses