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Beate Laudien, Yoga in Mainz in English

I have been practicing classical Hatha Yoga since 2006 in the tradition of the Indian doctor and Master Swami Sivananda which is based on the 5 basic principles of proper physical exercise, breathing, relaxation, diet as well as positive thinking and meditation. I have completed my yoga teacher training in India in 2013 and have spent almost the whole year of 2013 in India and Nepal gaining further holistic yoga experiences giving and taking yoga classes in diverse traditions as well as intensively devote my time to meditation, Harmonium and Mantras. Furthermore I took the time to dive into the fascinating world of Ayurveda, Reiki, Hinduism and Buddhism. In the meantime I have completed further trainings on the topics 'Yoga & Psychology', 'Yoga for Children', 'Yoga for Seniors', 'Advanced Yoga Teacher Training' in the Himalayas in 2016, highly teaching & inspiring Himalaya journeys in 2017 and 2018 as well as the Studies of Benefit Yoga Therapy since November 2019.

Participants about their Yoga experiences with me

Samra C., Yoga Retreat Palatinate (Germany)*

Dear Beate, thank you so much for this wonderful yoga experience, your energies and your being. I look forward to everything we can experience together - preferably Yoga a& Nepal in 2020. Until then enjoy these stories - may they warm your heart. Namasté, Samra


Carolin S., Yoga Retreat Palatinate (Germany)*

Dear Beate, thanks a million for the lovely Yoga Retreat and the wonderful time you have offered with this. Afterwards, I for sure have created more space for Yoga, tranquility and relaxation in my everyday life. The inspiring pictures of the Yoga Retreat remind me of the beautiful time with all of you and the most suitable well-being Guest House. I absolutely enjoyed the yoga practise, accommodation, food, rooms and surroundings. I look forward to your new schedule and possibilities to practise Yoga with you:-). All the best, Caro


Silvia S., Yoga Retreat Palatinate (Germany)*

Namaste dear Beate,I will always remember the wonderful Yoga Retreat time! It was very special for me. You have chosen a gorgeous location for this extended Yoga weekend. Through practising Yoga with you, I have experienced how deep Yoga can affect the mind and the soul. You touched me deeply by playing the harmonium and chanting the mantras so beautifully. As you know, I am a fan of your special voice. I could continue for long to let you know how amazing and beneficial your intensive Yoga Retreat was for me. Dear Beate, I have spent three wonderful days, which I happily repeat anytime. Thank you very much once more for this wonderful time. OM, Shanti Shanti Shanti. Your Yogi Silvia


Peter P., Yoga in Mainz (Germany)*

Dear Beate, I have enjoyed Yoga with you very much! The great mixture of diverse practices in combination with the senses, your verbal guiding and singing bowl relaxation are truely superb! I love this! Due to the upcoming studies, I am not sure yet, if and when I will be able to join - should Yoga call me, then for sure I will contact you. I do not know, what you do beside Yoga, but you shine a true inner beauty which impresses me a lot. Congratulation on this! I will take this as an example for myself. Best wishes, Peter


Silvia S., Yoga in Muenster-Sarmsheim (Germany)*

Namaste dear Beate, I am very surprised by Yoga! Physically and emotionally it does something veeeeeery good to me. The practise is sometimes very challenging for me, but afterwards I feel so good. Before practising Yoga with you I had been a convinced smoker for about 40 years until the moment you spoke about health and why it is important to pay attention to ones own health. That night I went home and cast away all my cigarettes - until now I have not smoked a single cigarette for about 3 months! Your singing-bowl-yoga at the end of the year was an incredible experience for me - I shortly felt like in trance. I am very grateful to you for this feeling that I had never experienced before. Your voice has something very special. Shanti Shanti Shanti, Your Yogini Silvia


Sophie F., Yoga in Muenster-Sarmsheim (Germany)*

Dear Beate, Having not had previous Yoga experiences before our mutual practice, I was open to anything coming. I was amazed to realise quickly, that I can relax from every day life so fast and find a good way to myself. I do realise that my thoughts also want to travel fast and it is a good practice to work with them effectively. Having been a strong asthmatic formerly and still being an asthmatic every now and then, the diverse breathing practices are very helpful for me. I feel very enriched, now to be able to breath longer and more deeply also helping me in stressful situations of daily life. The weekly two hours Yoga make me wonderfully relaxed and help in a very positive way to let go and just "sink into myself". During our break from February to May I did not feel only feel something missing but also the hectic daily routine taking over. Now I look forward to every weeks Yoga appointment - thanks a lot for this. Best wishes, Sophie


Katja K., Yoga in Muenster-Sarmsheim (Germany)*

Dear Beate, Practicing Yoga with you is simply wonderfully beneficial. I enjoy having the time and space to find a rest for myself. Thanks to the breathing exercise I have noticed that I can handle my breathing difficulties much better and also feel more powerful. Feeling deep relaxation and serenity after the yoga course is superb, also due to the fact that the 2 hours allow for bringing oneself back to the here and now as well as to fully release tension. I had attended several yoga courses before but none of them felt as intense AND calm to me: simply 'true' Yoga. I highly enjoy you using the singing bowls with their wonderful effect on the soul.

In short: I am very happy with the yoga course with you doing me extremely good. THANK YOU Beate, you and the yoga course are a true enrichment. Very best wishes and a happy week for you, Katja


Vera L., Yoga in Mainz (Germany)*

Dear Beate, complete relaxation, more energy, new vitality and flexibility - this is just a fraction of what Yoga does to me. Beate, to you a huge compliment: my disks are back in place, my mind is finally clear again. Every week the two hours of Yoga seem like a getaway for my body, soul and mind. How wonderful to have met you... breathing, stretching, relaxing - I am looking forward to our next Yoga class :-). Your Website is very well done. Happy weekend. Best wishes, Vera


Dominique G., Yoga in Muenster-Sarmsheim (Germany)*

Yoga with you is exactly the Yoga that I have always been looking for. The right mix of tension and relaxation for a strong core and a clear mind. Thank you, Dominique (graphic designer)


Gertraud S., chair Yoga in Mainz (Germany)*

Dear Ms. Laudien, After practising Yoga with you my tinnitus regularly disappears and only comes back next morning. In spite of hip and knee TEP, I can easily join all practises on the chair (TEP = totale endoprosthesis of hip and knee joints). The atrial fibrillation calms down with the breathing exercise. Since practising Yoga, I have become more cheerful and balanced. Thank you very much.


Gretel Sch., chair Yoga in Mainz (Germany)*

Dear Ms. Laudien, for Yoga I always find solely very positive words. I have noted, that I feel more balanced and content after Yoga. Sometimes when I cannot fall asleep at night, I try to focus on the breathing exercises - it does not take long and I have fallen asleep. Also while being out I practise the right breathing and feel good with it. All these experiences I happily share with my family. Thank you very much.


Sylvia T., chair Yoga in Mainz (Germany)*

I am missing the chair Yoga with Beate immensely, which unfortunately stopped due to the pandemie. Usually, after the yoga class all hectic and all stress have been released and a deep slowing down has set in. I presume this is due to the breathing practises that I as an asthmatic find very relieving.



Mathilde W., Yoga on a chair in Mainz (Germany)*

Dear Ms. Laudien, Pracitising Yoga with you does relax me very much. Muscular tension and the coherent pain have improved a lot. My passion for hectic action has become less active and I can recall the Yoga experiences in stressful every day situations. Thank you very much. 


Jutta T., Yoga in Mainz (Germany)*

Practising Yoga with you really did me good. I came completely exhausted and after one and a half hours I left full of energy and in good spirit. Should it fit in, I will happily contact you to join the Yoga classes again. Kind regards, Jutta


Julia S., Yoga in Mainz (Germany)*

The Yoga classes with you were very relaxing and still active. The diversity of the exercises and also your way of conducting the Yoga classes were great. You responded so well to the individual participants and with this created a very harmonious atmosphere. Those two hours of Yoga allowed me to truely feel 'free' as well as leave all stress behind. It is a pitty we left Mainz. I highly recommend your Yoga classes. Best wishes, Julia


Felicitas L., Yoga in Mainz (Germany)*

Dear Beate, You and Yoga have helped me a lot. Thank you very much for this! Unfortunately for now my part time studies in Mainz are over and I moved back home. I will let you know should I again be allowed to study in Mainz since I am very interested in coming to your Yoga classes again. Hopefully till soon, Felicitas :)


Nikki C., Auckland (New Zealand)

Dear Beate, How lucky I feel to have met you walking to the Stupa. I honestly don't know how to say thank-you for your wonderful yoga sessions and your generous friendship. You have helped to make this time in Ladakh very special! I hope we can keep in touch. Love, Nikki


*translated from original German version